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Amritakateshwarar Temple (Melakadambur)

Melakadambur is a village located 31 kilometers from Chidambaram, Cuddalore district, Tamil Nadu.

It is known for Arulmigu Amritakateshwarar Thirukkoil, constructed during the reign of Cholas by Kulottunga Chola I, in 1110 A.D. The temple and the village are well known in Ponniyin Selvan history, as they are over than 1,000 years old. The Sivan temple at Melakadambur is a Paadal petra sthalam. This Sivalinga is self-manifested or Swayambhu Linga.

The main deity of the temple is Lord Shiva known as Amirthakadesar, and the female deity is known as Jothiminnammai.

The well known Nalvar praised the Lord of this shrine and made three pathigams on him. Also Arunagirinathar, Vannacharabamn Thandapani Swamigal, and Vallalar came to this place and sung in praise of this Lord.

In every Yuga some Deva's came to this place to worship this Lord Amirthakadeswara. In Threthayuga Surya, Chandra, Indra, Romarishi came to worship. In threthayuga Ashtaparvatha's and Parvatharajan came to worship. In Kaliyuga, Pathanjali came to worship this sthala. So that we can know before the construction of temple the Lord's shakthi keep stayed in this sthalam.

There are nine types of Hindu temple structures. Amongst them, Karakkoil is a structure that the vimana is in chariot like structure pulled by horses.

During the 3rd, 4th, 5th day of the Tamil month of Panguni, twelfth month of Tamil Calendar, early during sunrise at 6.15am, the Sun's rays will fall on Lord Amritakateshwarar Lingam for about fifteen minutes. At that time special pooja's are offered to the Lord.

The shrine Goddess Jothiminnammai seems as Kalaimagal in Morning and Thirumagal in Evening and Malaimagal in Night.

When Rajendra Chola won the war at Vathapi, he brought the Ganapathy statues from Vathapi. One was placed at Thiruchenkattankudi, one was placed in Melakkadambur. It is believed that Ganapathy worship in Tamil Nadu came to spread wide after this.

In this temple Lord Sanishwara seems lying on Kazhugu(Eagle) instead of Kaagam(Crow) because of that before the Ramayana period eagle is the vahana of Sanishwara, from this we can know that this temple belongs to a period of copper age.

A specialized idol kept in this temple called Dasa Bhuja Rishaba Thandavamoorthy, Lord Shiva dancing on a bull with all ten hands spread and holding weapons and all Deva's surrounding his feet. This is believed to be a Pala dynasty idol that came to Melakadambur along with victorious King Rajendra Chola I of Bengal.


Gopuram of Amritakateshwarar temple

Gopuram of Amritakateshwarar temple

Main shrine of Amritakateshwarar temple in shape of Ratha drawn by horses

Main shrine, right

Main shrine, left

Main shrine, wheels

Main shrin, horses

Sculptures on the walls of the main shrine, Siva and Parvati

Sculptures on the walls of the main shrine

Sculptures on the walls of the main shrine

Sculptures on the walls of the main shrine

Sculptures on the walls of the main shrin

Sculptures on the walls of the main shrine