Natalie Savelyeva

Appendix III. Varnam in Nirupana “Sakhite Nayakice Srama Nayakasakalavuna Sanghatanopaya Karane” by Raja Serfoji

According to "Development of Sadir in the Court of Raja Serfoji-II (1798-11832) of Tanjore, A Thesis submitted to the University of Hyderabad for the award of the degree of Doctor of Philosophy, by V.S. Radhika, 1996"



je tuji prana nayaki || tiyeci mi janasakhi ||


krisna aika he hitaguja || sangyasi ale tuja||

Svara Sahitya

far he navala vatate maja ki te taradise jadi far katinasi tarini maja kale sakala sarala jinasa tica samaja ||

Ettugada Pallavi

far te najuka putali ||

Svara 1.

he janasa mani tauke sakala sina na sahe manauni ||


sahajamani jari atavi unasa tari talamali bahutaci pan ||

Svara 3.

parise adhika vacanasi jari camake nijahridayi bahuta ||

Svara 4.

esasi sakhi Hari Hari bahutaci tuja viraha ||

Svara 5.

kusumahi tijala salatase Hari na ruce suvasanath sramate bahute tujavina ki ||



Please, remember that i am the confidant and intimate friend of your most beloved Nayika who is craving for your company.


I have come to reveal an important secret to you now and I request you to listen to it carefully.

Svara Sahitya

It is highly surprising and quite strange to see your indifference towards your beloved. Being Omnipotent and Omniscient, it is perplexing and difficult to comprehend that you are unaware of the restlessness experienced by your dear and delicate dame. I understand that, to obtain your response (grace) in this world is quite difficult, yet your beloved is an unpretentious and innocent girl. (Hence return to her soon.)

Ettugada Pallavi

She is extremely a delicate dame.

Svara 1

The enormity and intensity of her passion has become patent for one and all.

Svara 2

The nayika when lost in your thoughts, becomes disturbed and mortified as you have distanced yourself from her.

Svara 3

I shell tell you more about her pitiable plight. When she hears anything about you, it pierces her heart and puts her to unrest.

Svara 4 and 5

"Hari" is the only name on her lips and she is unable to endure the pangs of separation, Due to which even delicate blossoms do not sooth her, on the contrary, prick her and its fragrance aggravates her tormenting condition. Hence, Oh! Lord Krisna, do not keep away from your beloved as your presence would make all the difference and is sure to comfort her.