Natalie Savelyeva

Appendix IV. Svarajati in Nirupana “Sakhite Nayakice Srama Nayakasakalavuna Sanghatanopaya Karane” by Raja Serfoji

According to "Development of Sadir in the Court of Raja Serfoji-II (1798-11832) of Tanjore, A Thesis submitted to the University of Hyderabad for the award of the degree of Doctor of Philosophy, by V.S. Radhika, 1996"


  1. tuje rupaca hridayanata jadate tilasi Hari |
  2. Harite gamete jadakari nirakhuni | bahutaci andhakara dithi ||
  3. mani camaka nadharuni Krisna sampa | nirakhuni kara pasari tu mnuni
  4. sakala munijana bahuta kathin tapa | kariti Hari tuja nirakhu mnuni ||
  5. parisa maga navala kiti he tari yadupati | Hari tava ramanica nija ||
  6. sakala visarataci samajuni atavi nija | hridayi tulasa Hari ||


(1) Oh ! Lord Hari, she has enshrined you in her heart. (She has imprinted and engraved in her, the sweet memories relating to you.)

(2) Her mind is loaded and stored up with your thoughts so much so that, even on hearing the footsteps of the pedestrians (passers-by) she at once gets up and with keen eyes looks out, desiring it to be, you. Alas! Not finding you anywhere there, the nayika is thoroughly disappointed and her heart is filled with sorrow and remorse.

(3) But by recollecting the sweet and happy reminiscences of the past (lovemaking), she is overwhelmed with joy and while engrossed in such thoughts, your nayika is unaware of her surroundings and her actions become bereft of reasoning, to the extent that she stretches her hand forward to behold a black cobra, mistaking it to be you. (Here the color of the snake or krisnasamp, is indicative of the complexion of Lord Krisna and the sahitya bespeaks of the nayika’s unalloyed and intensified feeling of love for the Lord as she identifies Krisna in animate and inanimate objects.)

(4) All the sages perform hard penance in order to have the vision of Your divine form.

(5-6) It is surprising and strange, yet Oh! Yadupati listen to me, (Hari) you are the subject of her thoughts and every act of her reflects her yearning to unite with you. She has forgotten everything and does not attach importance to material things. Her heart is filled with your thoughts; such is her love sickness, so have mercy on her and return to her at once.